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Unveiling the INTA Conference Special Edition: Global IP Matrix Magazine Issue 19

Unveiling the Gems of Intellectual Property and Innovation: A Recap of Our Latest Global IP Matrix Issue 18

Exploring the Intellectual Property Landscape at INTA 2024: The Global IP Matrix Magazine

Welcome, readers, to the much-anticipated INTA conference special edition of The Global IP Matrix magazine! As the excitement builds for this year's annual meeting in Atlanta, we are thrilled to present a glimpse into the enriching content awaiting you within the pages of our latest issue.

In our headline feature, Dr. Alexey Vakhnin, Partner and Managing Director of Vakhnina and Partners, leads an insightful interview EAPO President Dr. Grigory Ivliev on the 30th anniversary of the Eurasian Patent Convention. Delving into with the historical significance of this milestone, Dr. Ivliev reflects on past leaders' visionary contributions and discusses ongoing initiatives aimed at fostering international cooperation and enhancing services.

Join us in welcoming Lisa Rhooms, Managing Partner at Grant Henry & Rhooms, Jamaica, as she explores the economic value of Intellectual Property in Jamaica. Drawing on iconic figures like Bob Marley and Usain Bolt, Lisa discusses the challenges emerging talents face in extracting value from their IP and advocates for cultural shifts to realize its full economic potential.

Women's IP World Bitesize: Advocating for Inclusivity and Innovation Sponsored by Barrister Bejuka Mildred Alugu and Bejuka-Elebe IP Sarl law firm in Cameroon, this segment features an engaging Q&A with Barrister Alugu. Sharing pivotal career moments and insights into gender diversity and innovation, Barrister Alugu underscores the vital role of diversity in promoting innovation and shaping legal strategies within the intellectual property landscape.

Unveiling the Gems of Intellectual Property and Innovation: A Recap of Our Latest Global IP Matrix Issue 18

Join Us at INTA Atlanta at Booth 724

As we conclude this preview, we extend a heartfelt invitation for you to join us at INTA 2024 in Atlanta. Visit us at Booth 724, where we'll delve deeper into the riveting and insightful content of Issue 19 of The Global IP Matrix. Anticipate fruitful discussions, invaluable connections, and an enriching journey into the evolving landscape of intellectual property. Global IP Matrix Magazine

Embark on an Enriching Journey with Global IP Matrix

We trust that each article in Issue 19 will engage, inform, and inspire you as we navigate the dynamic world of intellectual property together. As we eagerly anticipate the annual gathering in Atlanta, let us bid you farewell with excitement for the enriching journey that lies ahead.

Enjoy the release of Issue 19, and let the exploration of Intellectual Property's dynamic realm begin!


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