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The Global IP Matrix is the only print and digital IP industry-specific publication authored and overseen by legal professionals working in the intellectual property sector. 

Our content is 100% contributed by IP industry legal professionals for professionals in the IP field. We provide you, our audience with raw, undiluted news, views, and opinions from world-renowned thought leaders working at ground level.


Our industry thought leaders provide comprehensive, detailed analysis reports on innovation, IP trends, new legislation, and IP strategy, amongst other topics in the IP spectrum internationally.


We have an unbiased approach, and we welcome thought leaders at all levels to share their knowledge and experience through sharing thought-provoking and engaging content in our publication that is distributed in international and national intellectual property law business and social environments.

For more info contact us at - or call +44 (0)203 813 0457
Picture credit© Daniel Vegel / ECTA, Athens 2018
The Global IP Matrix Magazine issue 1, 'Transshipment of goods in Malaysia constitutes infringing use of a registered trademark.' by Clara C.F.Yip of MarQonsult IP, 'Since Grey became Black and White.' by Lisa Lovell, CEO of Brand Enforcement UK, 'It's all in the mapping.' by Gabriela Bobben, Partner at Eproint, 'Untangle domain name management.' by Bart Mortelmans, general manager of, 'Herbicide goes bananas.' by Vladimir Biriulin, Partner at Gorodissky & Partners, 'Russia: renewed patent litigation tips.' by Irina Ozolina, Senior Partner at A.Zalesov & Partners, 'The art of patent busting.' by Dean Parry, Technical Director at PatWorld Ltd, 'Haptic Feedback - making digital more physical.' by Doris Spielthenner, General Manager at Practice Insight, 'ARIPO explains why?' by Susan Mwiti, Documentations and communications officer at ARIPO.
The Global IP Matrix Issue 2, 'The Complex Art of Infringement Searching.' Dean Parry 'Unearthing the Russian Mole.' Victor Green, 'Utility Model Protection in Poland.' Marek Bury, 'A Digital Pair of Hands: Artificial intelligence in the Caribbean and Latin America.' Gabriela Bodden, 'Domain names – Are they infringing on your IP.' Bart Mortelmans, 'Enforcement of IP rights in Sri Lanka.' Anomi I Wanigasekera, 'Bolivar Will not Carry Double (O'Henry) The problems with joint ownership of trademarks.' Vladimir Biriulin, 'Trademark trend in Africa.' Brenda Matanga, 'The Final Farewell & New Beginnings.' Ruta Olmane & Dr. Gergely Dzsinich, 'Trademark Infringement and the Remedy of 'Passing Off' in Nepal.' Anju Upreti Dhakal, Kripa Shrestha, 'Seize business opportunities using smart IP data.' Doris Spielthenner, 'EUIPO: IPR Infringement Report summarised.' Lisa Lovell.
The Global IP Matrix Issue 4, 'The matter of 'Prior Use.' Anton Melnikov, LL.M, Gorodissky & Partners, 'Trademark Infringement - The Nigerian Perspective.' Afamefuna Nwokedi, Stillwaters Law Firm, 'New Development against Bad Faith Applications in China.' Ray Lei Zhao, Unitalen, 'Border measures to ensure the safeguarding of IP right.' Dr. Oscar Mago, OMC Abogados & Consultores, 'Is Zimbabwe a part of the global conversation on intellectual property rights?' Brenda Matanga, B Matanga IP Anttorneys, 'Scope of the law on trade secrets/ undisclosed information in Sri Lanka.' Anomi Wanigasekera, Navindi Naotunna, Julius & Creasy, 'GDPR vs WHOIS: Time for a paradigm change?' Jacques Blanc, ProDomaines, 'AI - Is it changing patent prosecution?' Dennemeyer The IP Group, 'Patent Landscape of Sports-Related Concussion.' Liang Wang, PatWorld, 'No to Evergreening of plant variety in the 'Plant Varieties Law!' Vijaya Chaudhary, LexOrbis.
The Global IP Matrix Issue 5, 'Don't sugar-coat it: the sweet story of diabetes An overview of diabetes treatment and its patent landscape.' Filip Silvestre, PatWorld, 'Patent Linkage and Indian Laws.' Swati Gupta, Manisha Singh, LexOrbis, 'Can a thorough search help you gain a granted patent?' Victor Green, Alessio Brizzi, Davinia Collyer & Jo Shaw, Victor & Green Company, 'The road ahead for autonomous vehicles: a patent report.' Caitlin Kavanagh, Minesoft, 'Main Changes of the New Chinese Trademark Law in 2019.' Ray Lei Zhao, Unitalen, 'Geographical Indications: The African experience Part 1.' Afamefuna Francis Nwokedi, Stillwaters Law Firm, 'Three Consonants.' Vladimir Biriulin, Gorodissky & Partners, 'Digital client-acquisition tools bring IP attorneys more cases.' Pascal Moungouango, WeCrest, 'Amazon Project Zero NOTES.' Lisa Lovell, Brand Enforcement UK.
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